Ballet Swans

Paul Guislane from the Trockederos

It is every young ballerina’s dream to one day be a swan. Swans are synonymous with ballet.

When I think of Swan Lake I think of Makarova. We saw her dancing on stage many times and I think it is generally acknowledged she is the most beautiful swan ever.

Natalie Makarova in Swan Lake

Every major ballet company has a production of Swan Lake in the repertoire. Until recently the royal ballet had a very good production of which we have a video. Natalie Osipova partners Matthew Golding in the title role of Odile(white) Odette (black swan)

Osipova royal Ballet
Natalie Osipova – Swan Lake

In the same production the corp ballet had a few black swans mingling with the white swans. They added texture to the formations in the “white” scenes.

corps de ballet - royal ballet - swan lake
Black swan from the corp de ballet – Royal Ballet

The legendary dancer, Pavlova, is remembered for her performances of the Dying Swan.

The dying swan was most beautifully parodied by male dancer Paul Ghislane of Les Trokerderos des Montecarlo

Paul Ghislane, one of the greatest swans ever

I have also seen the inimitable Trocks parody of the dying swan. It is Shakespearian performance of extraordinary humour, poetry and tragedy. Do watch it…and don’t miss out on the curtain calls!