Nymphalidae on Buddlear
Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines) by Julian Williams artist
Orange Tip Butterflies on Ladies Smock
Nymphalidae in Buddlear by Julian Williams red admiral Small tortoiseshell
A Green Fly that landed on my sketch pad

Drawing Insects: It is surprising I have not made more drawings of insects, because insects were the passion of my childhood. At the age of nine, when my parents were deciding on which boarding school to send me to, they chose the one with a mulberry tree. This is because I had silkworms.

I ran the school moth trap, and then bought my own. In 2018, after nearly 50 years of absence, I bought a moth trap again and in that year recorded 300 species of moths in our garden. I wrote this blog post about the wonderful time I had catching these beautiful creatures.